The morning after…Post interview remorse.

Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist who works for the paper in my town. Her articles appear in the the twice monthly glossy weekend magazine. The focus on the interview was ‘what does it take to get published in romance fiction.’

After the first 20 seconds of euphoria..’they want to interview me!!’, then came the rush of dread. ‘Why did I agree to this?’ Because you have a book coming out next year and you want people to buy it. Sometimes I hate my rational voice, do you?

I had 48 hours notice of the interview so I emailed experienced media divas, who kindly gave me the low down on the expected questions. I did research. I imagined all sorts of questions. I was seen muttering in the supermarket as I rehearsed.

The one hour interview itself seemed to travel along in a relaxed manner and I felt pretty happy at the end.

But at 2am this morning I woke up with ‘post interview’ remorse.
Everyone I know will read this. What if I sound like a complete dill? What if I get taken out of context? and the big ‘arrgh’…my photo will be there too.

The reality is that I probably will be quoted out of context and the dreaded double chin will appear on the photo for all to see. Like many things, this article is out of my control. And isn’t that the rub. The things we can’t control are the ones we stress about the most.

You spend a lot of years pushing to get that book published.
I’m starting to think that was the easy bit


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