Gardening; a writer’s muse

Daylight savings started today, a sure sign summer is on its way so it was time to attack the garden. We rolled out new turf, we whipper-snipped, we hauled weeds out of the ground and I went a bit crazy with the bush saw

A lot of stuff goes through your mind when you’re out there in the garden. Once the everyday stuff like ‘what will I do for dinner?’ and ‘man I put a load of washing on three hours ago’ fades, and you have ignored the ‘mum, I’m hungry’ calls from the Kinder, then characters start to take over. As I wrestled with a root-bound weed I wrestled with my current hero’s dilemma.

I’ve just sat back and surveyed our weekend’s handiwork and a sense of achievement settled over me. Two things were achieved…a garden where the roses shine rather than the weeds, and my hero has worked out exactly how he is going to deal with the curve ball the heroine just threw him.

Now, I just need the time to write it!


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