The Place were Halloween Isn’t.

It’s Halloween today. I live in Australia and it’s not a big deal at all, although over the last few years a few charities have held Halloween balls. When I lived in the US I got into the spirit of Halloween…decorated my house, carved a pumpkin and handed out lollies to kids who called.
Just recently we were back visiting the US and my sons were a-gog at the decorations in the shops.

While I was living there I wondered why when Australia was settled by many Irish why Halloween/day of the dead, had not been a tradition that continued. I did a bit of reading about Halloween traditions and decided it never took off here because it is spring in October.

Halloween is all to do with autumn, ceremonies to make sure the next spring comes. We didn’t need it here, October IS spring. And trick and treating in broad daylight at 8pm isn’t spooky at all!

But marketing forces are at work. It seems after 200+ years free of Halloween the party shops are calling us. And yesterday for $20 you could buy an american-style pumpkin to carve!

I doubt it will take off but I have some lollies in the cupboard, just in case!


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