I SOLD my second book!

I’m happy dancing today. After waiting nine weeks….four of those were nail-biting weeks, I have just heard from my editor and she is buying my second book! Yes! And better yet, it is coming out two months after my first. Now, if I can get my current WIP finished by December, deal with any rewrites I might have a chance of a third book out in 2006 but that in itself almost seems scary so not thinking about that….just going to focus on getting the book finished.

I’m more excited about this sale than the first. Weird right? I think it is because I have just proved to myself that the first sale wasn’t a fluke. And the stats for sales of second books are scary.

The book they bought which I called For the Love of a Child was a rewrite of a book I wrote in 1997. At the time I was doing a writing course and the teacher pretty much insisted on me taking a different direction with the hero. One that didn’t sit right with me. But I wrote it the way she suggested because I thought if I was ever going to have the opportunity to work with an editor I needed to be able to make ‘directed changes.’

That book was resoundingly rejected and I was told the hero was unbelievable. I put my beloved book in the bottom drawer and wrote another two books. This year I pulled it out and wrote it the way I wanted to ….the way I saw the hero. And guess what? It worked and my editor loved it and bought it with no rewrites. Woohoo…well, I guess I’d done the rewrites

So it’s a happy day today in my part of the world


6 thoughts on “I SOLD my second book!

  1. Fiona —

    Congrats on the sale.

    It does show that you should go with your heart.

    BTW, to get rid of spam comments, you can click on the trash can. Also on the blogger dashboard, there is a way to turn word verification.

  2. Thanks, everyone.

    Thanks Michelle for the spam tip…I’m learning!

    And yes, Peggy, I really believed in this story…I just didn’t tell it quite right the first time !


  3. F-
    Congrats! I can only imagine (For now) that the second sale would be more exciting than the first. Now I’m wondering, was it a fluke? You know they love you now!

    aka bayleysmama

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