Reality Returns

It’s been a big week. I had all the fun of 15 minutes of fame (and the kids got second hand fame from the article) and I finally got to celebrate my first sale with my writing buddies in Melbourne..headed down to the big smoke and they turned on a great party, champagne, chocolates and HOME MADE chocolate cake. What more could a girl ask for?

But my editor mentioned I might want to send a book in my mid December so I’ve got my nose down and am stomping through chapter eight. Have told the children I will be around in January for summer fun and sitting on the couch watching average TV with them. But for now it is all book.

All I need now is the ability to stay awake from 5.30am until 10pm AND be productive from 8pm-10pm. Hmm….it’s not happening and somehow you just can’t train yourself to do without sleep.
Wish I could …OR add another two hours to the day.


2 thoughts on “Reality Returns

  1. Soon it will be a habit. On nights I miss my 7-9pm write (while darling hubby parents our ruggies) I don’t know what to do with myself.

  2. You’ll get there, Fiona! I am in awe of how fast everyone else seems to be. I think I’m poky, myself, but I have no one to compare against.

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