Does your house eat books?

I’m having a bit of a frantic time at the minute trying to finish a book, do the part time job, do the all the normal everyday stuff, as well as those end of year extras like dance concerts, choir performances. You know the drill, when your kids have a bigger social life than you do!

Anyway, I find when I am stressed I get vague. I’m not a vague person normally. I usually have a handle on what is going on but not these last two weeks. I am forgetting stuff all the time…there just isn’t enough space in my brain for it all.

And now my house is eating library books. How can a book and an audio tape be lost within a house? I have turned it upside down, looked in all the usual and unusual places. Up until this year I had a perfect record at the library, but just lately I’ve had late returns and now I have the dreaded ‘lost book.’

I’m going to have to fess up and pay for the replacement of the books. The paying up is the easy bit…it is the fessing up to the librarian who will sniff at me in derision..that is the bit I’d like to avoid. hey, maybe they don’t really need fines, cos really, we’re just scared of the librarians.

But back to houses eating books…in my previous house I lost a book that I owned and I didn’t stress cos we were moving and I thought it would turn up in the major pack. It never did.

So all I can do is finish my current book and that will give me back some space in my brain but I fear the lost books are not going to be so obliging as to return by next Tuesday.


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