Learning the Ropes

I’m learning the ropes of being a published author…juggling the creative side with the management requirements. I was completely immersed in my current WIP, when the copy edits for THE NURSE’S LONGED-FOR FAMILY arrived. Pulling myself out of one story and having to proof read another story did challenge me.

Have you ever read a book and spotted a typo and thought ‘Geez, how did that get through? Why didn’t anyone pick that up?’, and then harrumphed indignantly? I have and this last week I have an insight into how it happens.

I have had three people read this book, then it went to an editor, then to a copy editor and finally back to me again. There was one sentence that had the word ‘even’ in it. The word should have been ‘ever’. I am sure we all read it as ever.

Our brains are a bit like predictive text on mobile phones…we don’t have to read every letter in the word to work it out. We don’t even read every word in every sentence. Often our brain just makes the decision about the word even if that word isn’t the one just read.
Combine that with getting involved in the story rather than staying detached and proofing it and you get errors.

I hope I picked up most of them.
Guess next July I’ll find out for sure….and I’ll be hiding my husband’s red pen; he hates stray apostrophes!


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