An Incredible Lightness of Being

I sent my manuscript off into the ether this morning. It was a great feeling to come out from under the weight of my self-imposed deadline and know that I can now focus on the run up to Christmas and my other job. Perhaps I’ll start remembering things again 🙂

But just when I thought my feelings of relief, lightness and joy of a task achieved couldn’t get any better, (hey, I was going to savour it for half an hour before real life called me back to my job), a friend, Annie West, emailed me to say she’d SOLD her FIRST book!

I was so excited for her I tingled all over and got tears in my eyes.

When I sold, a couple of people told me that their reaction to my news was such excitement and joy that it was almost like it had happened to them. I accepted the compliment but confess to ‘not quite getting it.’ How could you feel that much joy for someone who you haven’t known for ever or isn’t part of your family?

But NOW I get it!

I shared a few long conversations with this new writing friend at the RWAus conference in August. We’d both been at this writing gig a long time. Both been close to publication, both been up and down with the life of a writer…a series of rejections linked us. We had shared a similar journey and could well have traded shoes.

I haven’t been able to concentrate on much today. I keep thinking of my mate, Annie, whose hard work and persistence has paid off and I am SOOOO EXCITED. I want to tell everyone I meet that I have a friend who is now a published author! Crazy stuff but wonderful. Hmm, I think I should toast her tonight with champagne even though she is 600km away……. 🙂


One thought on “An Incredible Lightness of Being

  1. Hey, Fiona – it doesn’t feel like 600km distance when I get such wonderful, excited phone calls and supportive emails from you! One of the great things about getting this acceptance by Harlequin Mills & Boon is the fun of sharing it with so many friends!

    And congratulations on getting your next manuscript posted to London! You’ve gone faster than lightning on this one. And you know I have a soft spot for the Aussie Alps – so I’m particularly looking forward to reading the story you’ve set there.


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