I’m Back

Wow, three weeks since I last posted! Like everyone, my run up to Christmas was pretty frantic. The school bikeride went really well…managed to get those kids into camp with me bringing up the rear. I felt a bit like the guys on the movie ‘City Slickers’. After talking, pushing, encouraging two boys all 36 km, we got to the top of the last hill and I wanted to yell, ‘I’m bringing them in!’ They did it! It was so wonderful to see these kids who lack self esteem achieve.

Then it was off to Sydney for a wonderful weekend of fine food and hospitality. We were very fortunate to have a helicopter flight over the harbour. We flew over the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 500feet…I swear I could almost touch it!

Christmas was fun…we went to kids carols on Christmas Eve and then came home and decorated a Ginger bread house. We entertained both sides of the family and then I got stuck into a revision for Alpine Affair taking advantage of DH being home on leave.

I was very excited to send it off yesterday, a great way to start the new year. Then DS1 took the spill all cyclists fear…came off his bike on a steep hill doing 35km an hour. I am glad I was riding in front and didn’t see him tumble over three times with a bike landing on top of him.

Amazingly and thankfully his head was unhurt. He has grazes and a fractured clavicle. So no summer surfing for him, poor boy!

So that brings me up to date! I have just purchased a book called FIRST DRAFT IN THIRTY DAYS and am hoping to use this for my next project. Holidays are calling so the blog will be pretty quiet until the end of January. I plan to read and think and I guess I will have to entertain an 11 year-old who can only use one arm.


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