The job that never closes

In November or last year I hibernated in my office and wrote five chapters (half a book) in three weeks which was a huge thing for me. I had never done that before. In early December I sent off a manuscript to my editor> I told the family, ‘well if it needs revising, tough, it can just wait until Jan 31st cos I’m having a holiday.’ Those words came back to bite me.

On December 22nd I got a phone call…’we love the book, but…’ A revision letter pinged into my box. This was a rewrite and as DH had between Christmas and New Year off I decided perhaps I should take advantage of this as our ‘real’ family holiday is coming up next week. So between new chrissy presents and Dad, the boys were happy and for five out of seven days I wrote about three-four hours a day.

And I struggled with feeling guilty about this which is just plain dumb cos if DH had a work deadline I wouldn’t have thought twice.

Anyway I got the job done, sent the revised m/s back. On Saturday am I checked my inbox and there was another email…’just one more thing’ which was quick and easy. But life stopped for an hour or so while I did it.

So I’m now starting to realise that this writing gig means you’re never really off-duty. Now I’m starting to think of a new story and I wondered if I would do that on my holiday so I have a running start when I get back but is that a true holiday if part of my brain is churning over a book.

This is a new career for me. I think I have just added another ball to juggle…the job that never really closes.

Oh, and I just heard….they’ve bought the book! So that will be three books out in 2006. I am so excited.!


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