Back to Routine

After two glorious weeks of doing nothing but reading, reading, reading and reading, with occasional dips in the southern ocean, life is returning to normal. Authors whose books I enjoyed were Marion Lennox, Trish Morey, Nicola Marsh, Kate Hardy, Robyn Grady, Anne Gracie, Laura Kinsale, Roalh Dahl and Rosamund Pilcher and a few adventures of Junie B Jones!

The children started school today and I have been working on an outline for my next book…Coming Home. I am hoping my editor will like the premise.

This is the first book I have had to provide an outline for so it is new territory and I guess, part of my growth as a writer.

Big news is that next week I am going to the Harlequin Valentine’s Day Ball in Sydney! When I got the lovely invitation I thought ‘nice idea but no way (we live a 60 minute plane ride from Sydney) and there were no cheap fares, there was no baby sitting, DH would have to take a day off work, none of the ducks lined up.

But things that are meant to be happen. I had just RSVP’d in the negative when my husband told me he needed to by in Sydney for a meeting. Qantas released some cheap fares, my parents who were unavailable to babysit had their plans changed and voila..Cinderella is going to the ball on Feb 10th.

Meanwhile, I better get writing so I can justify going:-)


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