The Synopsis

Romance writers are an incredibly generous group and there is always someone willing to set aside some time to read and comment on your work and point out the blaring problem(s) you couldn’t see to save yourself! I am lucky to be able to draw on the talents of a few people so I share it around cos I don’t want to drain them of wanting to ‘brainstorm’ with me 🙂

My editor asked me to submit a synopsis/outline for the idea of my next book, the working title being COMING HOME.

Before sending it off, a couple of people had a look at it and gave me some good ideas and asked me the HARD questions..why would he do that? Why would she react like that? And I couldn’t run from them..damn it they were right, the motivation wasn’t clear.

Stories evolve. I write down an idea, write down my characaters’ issues and try and dovetail them. I remember in the early days of my writing presenting an idea and being asked….’why did he do that?’ ‘Oh’, I said, ‘because of …. ‘ The woman batted straight back with ‘but if that happened would he have have reacted like X’ And she kept making me dig deeper and deeper.

I felt trapped, I felt put on the spot, my brain seized up and I couldn’t think.

Now I welcome this process cos I have to dig deep and come up with reasonable actions and reactions. This is what gives you a really strong conflict.

The synopsis went off, my editor had two questions, I mulled over them and had TWO lightbulb moments and today I got the go ahead to start the book.

Without the help of Robyn and Catherine the process would have been longer.
Thanks, Gals!


4 thoughts on “The Synopsis

  1. I’m so glad your editor loved the synopsis. I sure did!! Can’t wait to see what I know will be a fabulous story in print.


  2. I wish I knew how anybody could write a synopsis before they’ve actually written the book. My stories change so much during the writing that any synopsis I submitted before the book was written would be nothing like the final product. ~Sharon

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