Getting started

Last week summer holidays ended and school went back. New routines, settling in, getting sorted. Made it easy to say ‘gosh this week isn’t a writing week but next week will be fine.’

It’s next week. Writer’s lunch on Monday…fab time, talked writing, books, but didn’t actually do any writing. Tuesday…did the other job, ran errands, didn’t actually do any writing…meant to…created time to…. Today, Wednesday… Was all set to write as soon as I had nailed the other job. Then without thinking I answered the phone…DUMB. By 2pm it was time to head to the hairdresser..I tell you, this turning into Cinderella for the ball on Friday takes some preparation 🙂

Finally I took Barton to piano lesson …wrote for 25 minutes in the lesson with him belting out Doe a Deer, and out came 360 words! Yay oh yay…wasn’t expecting anything and now I have broken past page six. My characters seem attracted to each other which is a plus when you’re writing a romance!

Anyone else start slowly? It seems to be something that happens to me. I just wish is was slow AND steady.


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