This week I am co-ordinating a ‘Write as much as you can in a week’ (WAMASUCAN) with my writing group. Why? A few reasons. The first one is purely selfish…I had to kick start COMING HOME and I find if I commit to two chapters in a week, shelve most social things I can get there. It connects me to the book and to my characters. The second reason is to motivate writing in the group. Too often, before we’re published, we put everything else in front of writing. I believe that is one big reason why some people get published and other equally talented writers don’t. The writer who creates time to write will always come out on top of the hobby writer. A third reason is time management. People think they need a huge body of time to write when actually they can achieve a lot in 30 minute bursts. Just lately I have been dumping words on my Neo while I wait at piano lesson or supervise the kids swimming in the pool. I’ve been surprised at how many words are there and that most are fine and able to be kept. And my group are discovering that around 600 words a day (just over two pages) is very achievable

WAMASUCAN has always worked well for me. I have always achieved my goal of two chapters. But this week has been a toughie. This story has a different rhythm to the others as the hero is really tortured and can’t work at the start of the book. When you need medical scenes this can prove tricky. So I have tried to write the second half of chapter two since Tuesday and it’s been a nightmare. I have reached my writing target each day words wise but most of them have been dumped. I have switched POV, I have attacked it in different ways ,and by Thursday I still hadn’t finished my first chapter.

But I have just broken through. Chapter two is finished. YAY oh YAY!.

Let’s hope I still like it when I read it tomorrow!


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