Dropping all the Balls

The juggling didn’t seem to work this week, not writing wise anyway. After my great finish to the week…got to the end of chapter three 🙂 I had great plans to capitalise on the connectedness to my story. But copy edits for HER MIRACLE BABY UK 11/06 got in the way. It takes me about five hours or more to copy edit so that took up writing time. Copy edits combined with the third week of the month wasn’t good…we had school council meeting, the school BBQ and my book group started. Book group is fun, I love it but it meant three nights out in a row. And I confess to losing two hours trying to work out how to use the Vistaprint site and I ordered magnets and business cards and note cards and…NOW, that was fun, but a huge time waster.

I’m not whingeing, I am just still trying to work out the best balance. I sort of alternate between hibernation from the world and writing, or trying to write and actually see some friends occasionally and get some exercise. I am getting the idea of why writers locked themselves in garrets!

Next week is garret week. What I would like is that the week in between garret weeks I can still get some writing done. Turning off the email I think has to be part of it. Sigh. Along with real discipline. Sigh again.
I’ll see how the plan works out.

All juggling advice appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Dropping all the Balls

  1. Are you saying you copy edited an entire novel in 5 hours? Wow! I’m impressed. It’d take me a week at least! ~Sharon

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