A Different Kind of Writing

This week I have been helping four grade 6 students write a story as part of a writing project. They have a set task with certain points that have to be covered in their story. We started off with brainstorming…kids have such great imaginations. They had to create an environment so I got them to draw how they saw their ‘new world’ and then got them to draw the plants and animals in their world. This turned out to be a great stepping stone for the actual story line.

The four students have to be part of the story so they each assigned themselves a skill that would feature. We then wrote a story line making sure all our plot points were included and then came the hard bit…facing that blank screen.

I am the Secretary now and they are dictating their story to me while I type it on my trusty Alphie. I stick to questions such as ‘why did they do that?’ and ‘what would you do here?’ I get them to role play what they are doing in the story so they can work out how they would feel or what they would say in that situation.

They are going great guns and half the story is written.

It’s been a great experience for me and the joy is watching their faces when they have one of those lightbulb story moments….you know, the ones we live for, when everything falls into place!

I’m off to battle with chapter five, wish me a lightbulb moment 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Writing

  1. I love this method Fiona! Pictures you say? Role playing? I feel a dress up box moment coming on…

    My fifteen year old neice recently had to write the first chapter of a Mills & Boon for part of her English course. Now there was a surreal experience! Before I could critique it for her I had to promise not to steal her plot!!!


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