A Big News Day

Today was a big news day! My writing mate, Annie West, sold her second Presents novel to Harlequin Mills and Boon and was offered a two book contract. YAY! Another writing friend won a writing competition and I got news that HER MIRACLE BABY will be released in the US in December. My first US release, I am pretty excited about that! That is my Alpine book, the one set in the high country with all the romance of the bush horsemen.

My current WIP, COMING HOME is coming along slowly. My hero changed his mind again today and I have just written the fifth ending to chapter five! I hope he’s happy now 🙂

Juggling the writing with the business side is interesting. I spend a large part of the afternoon completing the paper work so I can go up on the Mills and Boon website. I had to think of favourite meals, movies, books….it is so hard as I am not a ‘favourite’ kind of a girl. I usually have a list of faves!

It’s all part of a long list of exciting Firsts. I’m loving every minute of it.


One thought on “A Big News Day

  1. Fiona,

    Yep, it’s been the time for news, hasn’t it? Am so excited to have my second acceptance with HMB but am still a novice here – unlike some (no names mentioned) who’ve already got 3 books under their belt.

    Good luck with the next chapter of the current book. I’m glad you can see the light with it and it’s progressing. Such a good feeling!


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