The Games stole the Muse

The Commonwealth Games are on in Melbourne and we have been travelling up there on the train. The city is pumped, the excitement hangs in the air and great things are happening to people who have worked hard and stayed focused on their goal.

And all that wonderful excitement has derailed my muse. It is like ‘everyone is partying for the games, I wanna too.’ Combined with the kids being on school holidays. Last week I got all dismal and grumpy about not being able to write. This week I have just given in and enjoyed the games . Even let the kids talk me into making a ‘Jedi’ robe for them. Gosh the sewing machine looked at me and said, ‘who the hell are you?’

I have been thinking about chapter six that should be finished. Knowing what needs to go down, wondering if my heroine will let me do what I want to do. Come Monday, I’m head down…May 1st is looming way too fast.


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