The Head-banging Chapter Six

When words fly off the tips of your fingers, writing is a joy. I get so excited, I babble about it over dinner, my brain is on fire and my characters are alive in my head. Quite frankly, it’s a buzz, a fantastic rush of endorphins.

Then you get chapters like my current chapter 6. The dreaded middle of the book. Except this should not be dreaded cos, hey, I wrote a synopsis this time šŸ™‚ This time I had a road map, a firm direction and I KNOW what H&H should be doing.

But can they do it? Will they speak the words, deal with the issue on the table? No way, they’re not playing ball.

Could be cos I didn’t get to really write for two weeks over the school hols. Could be that I am so clear about what needs to happen but I don’t know how to actually achieve it.

After slogging away at it, knowing it was lead I rewrote it in a different point of view.
It helped. I think it improved. Let’s hope today if comes together with a great ending cos I’m completely over it.

Better get back to it I guess!


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