One of Those Counter Thingies

I’m racing to the end of Coming Home…well in relative terms compared with the start 🙂
The black moment is fast approaching, I have a clear vision of the last three chapters and my excitement about this book is building. Compared with the rusty, jagged knife feeling of my first 6 chapters this but is actually fun.

And it got me thinking about those counter thingies many writing bloggers have…the % of their book written. Right now, I think it would inspire me. But what at the start of a book and in the middle..would seeing that % sign hardly moving just freak me out?

So tell me, what drives you to have one of those on your blog?

Ever curious, I’d love to know and maybe, I just might get one……


4 thoughts on “One of Those Counter Thingies

  1. I started the counter when I did WriMo. I liked seeing that I had made progress, no matter how small my percentage. And I liked that my percentage would go up, even if I didn’t make my wordcount.

    When I WriMo, I am militant about it. But this last book, I didn’t start until the second half, because I needed the push.

    It’s also nice to have because it keeps people from saying…so how’s the book coming? Because when it’s not, you don’t want that question.

    And it’s nice when you have multiple projects going.

  2. I used to have one, but I took it off. I realized that I’m the only person who needed to see how ADHD I am about my writing. 😮

  3. I currently have two and am well addicted to them… I use them as a motivator to write, especially when I’m going through a rough patch and am on a deadline (like the last one)

    I set the counter up (I use zokotou) and I tell myself I can’t have a break until i have x% done and so I write until that happens. And it does let people see how you’re going when you don’t have time to do a *proper* update on your blog…

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