Yet to be convinced.

Thanks to web-savvy, Jenna, I installed a counter. Hey, you learn a bit of HTML with this blog don’t you? Anyway, here I am with two chapters to go in my head and the counter is telling me 75%. Hmm, it might not last!

Mind you, on word count I always run at about 49,000. On the old 250 words for page I was always around 53,000. Go figure.

When I asked my editor about word count she just said, ‘the three books we’ve bought have been a fine length so just keep doing that.’

O….K. So for all you people stressing about it, wordcount it is an inexact science so STOP STRESSING NOW! 🙂

And I think the counter might be short lived..I mean, if I have to tinker with it to say 100% to get the buzz of a finished book then it’s not going to do it for me. But a May 1st deadline, now THAT will do it for me.


3 thoughts on “Yet to be convinced.

  1. You’re almost there…
    And I totally agree with the word count thing. Write the best book you can, the words will sort themselves out (layering is good if short!) And if your editor loves it, she’s not going to quibble over a 1000 less words.

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