Blowing your Concentration

Today started off well. Reorganised the black moment, made sure all reactions were reasonable and flowed. Sent it off to dear CP, opened up new document, typed Chapter Ten and then DH calls out…’I’ve booked the flights to Vietnam.’

Well, news like that shoots the concentration to hell. Now, all I can think about is the holiday in September but so much will happen before that including getting COMING HOME finished in less than 13 days!

Have resorted to line edits…nothing like punctuation and grammar to take the edge off the excitement. Oh, wonder if I will find any Vietnamese Mills and Boon over there…….


3 thoughts on “Blowing your Concentration

  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with the post you wrote but I had to say that I just went to your website and read “autumn is nipping at our heels”. How weird that was! Spring’s just sprung here and it’s hard to imagine everything being the opposite way round on t’other side of the world.

    Vietnam sounds interesting 🙂

    ~Sharon J

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