Last Chapter Blues

I was so excited to be at the last chapter. Thought it would just flow. Oh yeah, flowing like sludge.

Added into that a general feeling of ‘I want it finished’ doesn’t help. Family life is hammering at the doors, committments at school are building and I have a general sense of being pulled in different directions.

Yesterday it took all day to get 8 pages out.
I hope the final 8-10 rush me!


5 thoughts on “Last Chapter Blues

  1. I’ve written countless “books” during my 45 years but have yet to write a proper last chapter. This time I’m writing ‘properly’ so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of problems that last chapter gives me. I can imagine it’s a bit of a sod trying to bring it all in nice and tidy without leaving the reader with any unanswered questions or a feeling of expecting more. I’m not sure whether I’m looking forward to it or dreading it!

  2. Maybe it’s the excitement of being so close to the end that has you slogging it, Fiona? I get a bit like that in the last chapter. The end is in sight, I should be flying but somehow, it’s never quite as easy as that…
    BTW, Vietnam sounds wonderful!

  3. Thanks, gals…I’ve been a-writing. I had a ‘moment’ at the clothes line and discovered a way through the sludge. On the final straight now.

    Sharon, I am intrigued your definition of a ‘proper’ last chapter. The neat freak in me likes to have it all wrapped up but my editor usually finds I’ve left out something 🙂

  4. LOL. When I say a ‘proper’ last chapter I mean one that rounds the story off nicely. Because I haven’t been writing with a view to being published (before now, that is), I had a tendency to just write something like “and then he caught pneumonia and died”, just to finish it and get on with the next one. I remember one particular story that ended with “and then Gerry’s dad’s bladder burst”. Don’t even ask! I was 14 at the time.

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