Yippee! COMING HOME is finished. Ryan and Sarah found their HEA. Discovered their previous beliefs about themselves no longer worked for them and embraced a new life together. And all ahead of deadline

About time too, I say! They gave me quite a bit of grief along the way đŸ™‚

I wrote this book from the most detailed synopsis I have ever written. At times I wondered if that caused me problems…the times I struggled the most were when I knew exactly what had to happen, what had to be disclosed but I couldn’t get them to talk to each other to do that.

The author/character war ensured.

BUT then again, often the hardest scenes to write are the ones are the Turning Points so perhaps it would have been hard anyway with or without a detailed synopsis.

What’s your opinion?


4 thoughts on “FINISHED!!

  1. For me, the emotionally-revealing scenes are the toughest. You have to pour your own heart into the scene and yet hold back.

    Yay on finishing!!

  2. Congratulations on finishing! I think it would be tough anyway. I’m working from a detailed synopsis for the first time as well and it’s not as easy as I expected but hopefully has stopped me taking a wrong turn…

    Sue C

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