I read COMING HOME again until I couldn’t face it …

I read COMING HOME again until I couldn’t face it any more and everything started to blur on the page. So I sent it down the line to my editor who is away this week so won’t even twig that I got it in six days early. And she probably has a gadzillion things to do before she looks at it.

So now onward to new projects. Remember, in HER MIRACLE BABY I wrote a horse riding scene in the snow? Well, I got so inspired by the high country that I have booked an alpine ride for the whole family in November. We had our first ‘training’ ride yesterday. No sore bot, but tender thighs. Hmm, I sound like a chicken…..

So now COMING HOME has been put to bed (until the dreaded revisions come back…no, thinking positive thoughts…) I now have a list of things to do both writing and non writing related.

I am going to write my CONFLICT…more than a misunderstanding, workshop which I am giving at the RWA Australian conference in August. My writing group have kindly offered to be my guinea pigs in June so I can ‘test it’ out amongst friends.

And silly me said she’d organise ONE more silent auction/trivia night on May 27th so I am in serious begging mode and firing off letters left, right and centre.

New story…I have a fave story I want to re look up. Seriously hoping I have learned a lot and can rewrite this baby…literally a baby, full of midwifery stories. Also have a seed of an idea for a next book but not sure if HMB will be keen. Plus I need a conflict! Maybe writing the conflict workshop will get the creative juices flowing.

But thanks to Trish Wylie and her Pink Hearts gang, I have my next hero. And I can display him if someone out there tell me how to upload a picture

Here he is


2 thoughts on “I read COMING HOME again until I couldn’t face it …

  1. Waaahh…I can’t see him. Sorry!

    Good for you on mailing the book off. Fingers crossed that there are few or no revisions. 🙂

    By the way, you were a finalist in my recipe contest. Your sticky toffee pudding sounded amazing. Are you willing to post the recipe over on my blog? We’d love to have it.

  2. Remind me what a lovely feeling it is when you send a book off? Just have to write through the pain barrier ….

    And I know how to post a picture. Hang on – I’ll email you.

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