Thanks to Natasha’s Blog expertise I can now bring you the picture of the guy I saw on THE PINK HEART’S SOCIETY Hero data base who set my heart a flutter. DH will roll his eyes…I always go for guys with dimples. He says he is going to have some surgically installed 🙂

So here is my next hero…he is an English actor I believe but I know nothing about him except I think he’s gorgeous. Thanks again PINK HEART Gals.


10 thoughts on “THANKS NATASHA!

  1. What excellent taste you have in men! He’s Sean Bean. And, yes, he’s English.

    Here in the UK we’ve currently got him swashbuckling as Sharpe. Worldwide you might know him better as Alec Trevelyan in the James Bond move ‘GoldenEye’. He played the bad guy.

  2. Hi Fiona! I am looking forward to reading Pregnant on Arrival when it comes out in July (congratulations btw).
    I am an aspiring HMB Med writer. May I ask you a question: I’ve noticed your word count reads 48,000. I’m currently working to a word count of 50-55,000. Have the guidelines changed? (Please say yes…)I am very excited because if they have I am further along than I thought :-)(Nothing can change the fact that I’m still only on the third chapter though, lol).

  3. Hi, MsCreativity,
    My books are anything from 208-215 manuscript pages.
    The guidelines do say 50-55,000 words and when it used to be formatted on 250 words per page mine were always around 53,000. Then they started taking computer word count and suddenly my same size manuscript plunged down to 48-49,000. Three books in and nothing has been said. I’ll keep you posted on this one when I hear.

  4. Oh, it’s too early in the morning and my brain isn’t working yet…good luck with your book Ms Creativity…writing medicals is get to do such great things to people!

  5. I looove Sean Bean!

    He was Boromir in the first “Lord of the Rings”, too Fiona and the bad IRA guy in “Patriot Games”.

    Great sexy voice. Nice choice!

  6. Yes, I’ve come to this a bit late, but it’s Sean Bean, although I thought he was Scottish? But don’t listen to me. 🙂

    Natasha – I agree, Sean was excellent in Goldeneye, although Pierce was pretty easy on the eye too!!!

    Fiona, I love your blog!!!

  7. Sean Bean grew up in Sheffield and speaks with a Yorkshire accent. He is very English.
    He first came to prominence playing Meadowes in a tv adapation of Lady Chatterly’s Lover.
    He is best known for his protrayla of Sharpe, but has appeared in a number of films in cluding Goldeneye, National treasure, Lord of the Rings and Troy.
    Me? A Sean Bean fan, perish the thought. Great choice Fiona.

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