Make ’em Laugh, make ’em Cry

I just got a phone call from my editor and she really loved COMING HOME. She said I’d made her laugh and cry so that’s exciting. And no revisions…well, not really. A couple of little things. At that I got all bubbly and said ‘oh that’s great, so you loved the scene in the little boy’s point of view cos I really love that scene.’

Silence down the international line.

Sigh. She wants it gone. Oh well, I did love that scene. Probably because it was fun to write whereas a lot of COMING HOME was very angsty. And because I have an 8 year old and a lot of him was on the page as well.

So now between the painter, the roof men, birthday dinner for dad, school open day, the conference paper and my other job, I have some ‘tweaks’ to squeeze in. But this time, I really do think they are my definition of tweaks.

Guess I’ll find out in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Make ’em Laugh, make ’em Cry

  1. Great news that big time revisions aren’t necessary. It’s never fun to cut a favorite scene. Maybe you’ll be able to use the idea somewhere else, later! Good luck!

  2. I think that scene should be an ‘extra’ on your website. Lucy Monroe did that with deleted scenes from her last book and fans loved it!

  3. No revisions? You’re a star!
    And hang onto that scene. You never know where you can squeeze it in or use something similar in the future…

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