A Real Live Actual Book!

I was supervising piano practice in my jammies, as you do at 7.55am when the door bell rang. The postie handed me a small brown box with the Harlequin Logo on it. MY BOOK! The UK copies of my book. It’s shiny and gorgeous, and it has my name on it, and oh, did I mention, it’s MY book!

Seems very weird to be reading those words I am so used to seeing double-spaced on A4. I plan to tuck up in bed tonight and read it.


4 thoughts on “A Real Live Actual Book!

  1. Congrats Fiona!!!!

    There’s nothing quite like that first book in your hands! And they ALWAYS read better in print form… if you know what I mean…


  2. I have to say it’s kinda wierd feeling. Disbelief still tinges me even though it’s sitting by my bed. And I guess the fact it is the UK copy which is green and I am so used to seeing the Australian copies of medicals which are pink; this adds to the feeling.

    But I do love it and smile whenever I pass the book 🙂

  3. Fiona,

    It looks terrific! I bet it reads just as well. Am looking forward to seeing the Aussie version soon.



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