Conflict dilemmas

Last night while I was watching my youngest son attempting to play in door soccer , I was sitting inside a huge barn of a building and I swear the temperature was about 6C. I had my note pad and an old manuscript on my knee and I was going through it finding all the reasons it got rejected in 2004. WHY is it so obvious now? Why couldn’t it have been obvious then? πŸ™‚ And it isn’t major…it is moments of the hero’s conflict.

So as I struggled to make my frozen fingers work-my hand writing is pretty bad these days as I type everything and add in the cold and it is illegible – I tried to work out how to ‘tweak’ my gorgeous hero, to angle his conflict about 45 degrees away from what it was so he is gorgeous all the time and isn’t ever mean to the heroine.

No one else thought he was mean…not my CP, not the published author who read it but now, two and a half years after reading it I can see the problem. But his conflict works so well with hers so I think I will take up the offer of some brainstorming cos I am close to nailing it but not quite there and I’m going around in circles.

How do you solve your conflict dilemmas?


One thought on “Conflict dilemmas

  1. Mostly I write it in every possible WRONG way and then the right way comes along. πŸ™‚ Good luck! You’re right about making the characters sympathetic. It’s tough to really “get” that in the beginning.

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