My Volunteering Life

Apart from writing books I have another three jobs. One I get paid for and the others are voluntary. I’m on school council at my sons’ school and for the second year in a row I have organised a Trivia Night and Silent auction. Last year it went off well and we filled the small space we have at our school. This year we had sold those 14 tables before the tickets had officially gone on sale. So we have to move venues and on Saturday night we sat 185 people down at 20 tables for a fun night of trivia. While they were there they got to bid on 80 silent auction items, buy raffle tickets and toss coins at some black label whiskey.

The preparation for this night has taken most of May and a few hours each week from March so it is with a great sense of relief I now step back and say ‘it’s over.’ I had a team of helpers but as the chief organiser many things fell to me for decisions and the time is gobbled up. It didn’t leave a lot of space in my brain for thinking about my next book.

I’m proud that I’ve helped raise a lot of money for the school but I’m excited to support someone else in the job next year. I want to be the person who just goes along and has the fun time.

What sort of volunteering do you do?


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