Cold weather Inspires Writing

I think we went for a record down here today…’s been damn cold. I know all you northern hemisphere gals will just laugh at me…and I’ve lived in minus 30C so I know but in southern Australia minus 1 is pretty damn cold and a top temp of 7C is too! The fog horn has been going all afternoon as the bay is fogged in. I feel cold and just want to snuggle up. Just as well I have a new hero to snuggle up with. My editor suggested I might want to make Xavier a Frenchman. Ohhh! Ok, I can do that…. I think šŸ™‚ So I thought back about my time in France…dusted off the memory, it WAS a long time ago and then I asked for some help. What makes a Frenchman, French? Anna Campbell, a mate of mine who writes sexy regencies for Avon (look for her in June 2007) sent me this email which was brilliant and totally helped me recreate my Xavier. ….”a friend of mine had a very nice-looking French boyfriend who ran a restaurant and always dressed magnificently -what a cliche, eh? He was very charming and always made every woman he looked at feel as if she was the most gorgeous thing on earth, even me!And I tend not to fall for that sort of thing. He had very dark, bedroom eyes and very thick black eyelashes and he used to flirt with his eyes if that makes sense. He had a great appreciation for the sensual things in life, you know, touch, taste, texture – according to my friend, he was great in bed! Hmm, he’s sounding like a romance hero already, isn’t he? Not someone who would insist on his own way but somehow through charm, always used to get it anyway. Hmm, haven’t thought about him for years.” Isn’t that the BEST description….So I’ve modelled Xavier on Karen’s description…charming, totally gorgeous to look at but a determined streak which is going to cause the heroine a heap of angst. So far I’m falling in love with him and I’m only into the first chapter!


3 thoughts on “Cold weather Inspires Writing

  1. Oh wow!
    Sounds like one spectacular hero coming up…and resurrecting dreams of my too brief sojourn in France 9 years ago…

  2. Oooh la la! My first boyfriend was Mauritian, though not exactly French, definitely French inspired. Also a real charmer, amazing dark – almost black – eyes and his accent was just delicious. It brings me back…

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