The Conflict Continues

So after having May off from writing due to other life commitments…school fundraising! I finally nutted out a story and sat down to write it when BING in arrive the copy edits and BING yes I can get you a data projector so you CAN do the Powerpoint Presentation you haven’t created on Saturday at MRWG. So the gorgeous Xavier has been put on hold at the end of chapter one muttering Zut Alors! at the fiery Charlie who is causing his budget (not to mention his libido) grief.

So today was absorbed by presentation preparation as was last night and I am almost finished. At least then it is done unless my ‘dry run’ audience say I suck and I have to rewrite it! Then copy edits and of course the kids are on school holidays come Monday. And my other job hots up.

BUT I have to find a way to write every day if this book is going to be finished by September. Not quite sure how I am going to handle it. I think an outing each day in the hols and then home to do both jobs. Think the boys might be doing quite a bit of Lego construction these hols.


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