A Whale of an Idea

This morning I managed to squeeze in an hour or so of writing before breakfast cos I ‘gave away’ two hours of other work. I was busy working on my midwifery story and as I was weaving in the location and setting I suddenly realised my ficticious town by the sea was the place where whales come to give birth. And as my heroine is a midwife battling to save her midwifery program that seemed to tie in really well. I know it is only a few sentances but it gave me such a buzz.

“For a moment she sat, staring out to sea through binoculars, watching the sleek, black mammal fling all ninety tonnes of itself out of the ocean.
Every year the whales came to Amaroo to give birth and raise their calves. Charie liked the symmetry. While the whales were birthing, she was helping the women of Amaroo do the same thing. But over the years, the whales had faced many battles for survival. It looked like she faced a survival battle herself.”


5 thoughts on “A Whale of an Idea

  1. Ooh – that sounds really, REALLY interesting. And VERY topical considering what seems about to happen with the whaling ban.

    (I’m looking forward to next week, when my local Smiths should have copies of YOUR BOOK! Want me to take a piccy of the shelves?)

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