The Garrett is Chilly

Things happen at once don’t they? DS1 was really sick for a week and just as he rallied DS2 came down with said horrid virus and now DH and I are wilting around the edges. The house, obviously feeling left out of the illness loop came down with a few lurgies of its own. The central heating packed it in and of course no one can come and fix it for three weeks. I’m typing in gloves. The the power keeps going out. We finally tracked it down the the kettle which has given up the ghost. Still it had made a lot of cups of tea in its time.

So as I administer Panadol, mop fevered brows and tuck in sheets, I dream of ‘a place quite North of here’ (Jane Austen/Pride and Prejuidce). A place I imagine to be a virus-free zone.
Feel free to share my dream.


4 thoughts on “The Garrett is Chilly

  1. Too late, Kate. He’s out for the count with the high temp. Surely as we have all now had it this virus will ‘leave’ the house. we’re certainly ready for it to go!

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