LIVE in the UK!

Pregnant on Arrival, my debut novel is ON THE SHELF in the UK! My mate, Kate Hardy, kindly took a photo of it on a book shelf, in a book shop, so I can live the experience vicariously. Thanks, Kate! Look out for Kate’s book, Strictly Legal on the shelf as well.

But here is my book, LIVE in the UK….


6 thoughts on “LIVE in the UK!

  1. My pleasure, Fiona! You were right next to Jennifer Taylor, btw.

    Give it another four weeks, and you can take your own pics on the shelf *g*. But the first one’s special. Enjoy the moment.

  2. Congratulations Fiona. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing your brand new ‘baby’ out in the big world for the very first time.

    And the great thing is that it’s a feeling that never goes away! Here’s to many many more of such ‘firsts’

    I hope your book has a great success. And yes, enjoy the moment – and feel better soon

    T’other Kate

  3. Congratulations, Fiona. I’m not really one for medicals but if I happen to see it about, I’ll pick it up and give it the once over πŸ™‚ After all, any sale’s a good sale, right?

    Here’s to many more future successes.

    ~Sharon x

  4. WHOOO HOOOO! And doesn’t it look fabulous! I’m so proud of you, Fiona πŸ™‚ And thanks for putting me in your dedication. I feel so honoured.
    I can’t wait for your book to be onshelf here in Australia – I’ll be doing the creative shelf-reshuffling bit and telling everyone – buy THAT book! It’s wonderful. And I should know πŸ™‚

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