True Confessions

I’ve decided I’m toxic to keyboards. I get a brand new keyboard and by the end of one 50,000 word book I have not only lost the imprint of many keys but they have started to crease! So am I a freak of nature or does this happen to anyone else? Help me out here, Anyone??……


4 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Um, Michelle, this has happened to ..dare I say it…three keyboards from three different manufacturers. Think I must have acidic fingers!

  2. Only thing I can suggest is to coat the keys as soon as you get a new keyboard – try clear nail varnish. It can’t hurt. Just be careful not to spill any in the crevices. (You can actually remove each key individually – if you have an hour or three to spare – DON’T take them all out at once unless you’re sure yu can put them back in the correct order)

  3. Me! Me! Me!

    My husband HATED it on the old laptop. He’s a hunt and pecker…leaving it…so he couldn’t even work out an email on the old laptop. So far so good on this one. though, it’s only been with me through two books. At least with desktops you can get a new keyboard, with laptops, your Dh is screwed…leaving it.

    No wonder our lovely M said I write with a lot of innuendo. I wasn’t even trying!

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