The Panacea of a Rest

I went to Melbourne this weekend with DH and it was wonderful. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, The Langham, we ate out, we shopped, we went to Melbourne Theatre Company and we rested and read. I spent some time in the spa while DH caught up on tennis, the tour de france and the world cup.

We saw the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria, titled, “PicassoLove & War 1935–1945″ In 1936, Picasso met and fell in love with the photographer Dora Maar. This affair was played out against a background of war starting with the Spanish civil war and then through the stress and trauma of WW2 which ultimately ended the relationship.

Dora was a hoarder as well as a talented photographer so when she died at age 90, her apartment was a treasure trove. Sure I was impressed by the photos and the paintings but what really caught my eye were the little things shared between lovers. The postcards he sent her, the poems he wrote her, the keepsakes she stored which meant something special to only her.

I’m home again and for the first time in a month I really feel well both mentally and physically. So off to tackle Labour of Love


One thought on “The Panacea of a Rest

  1. Soounds as if you had a fabulous, much-needed break.

    The exhibition sounds really interesting, too. I know what you mean about the little details being the most fascinating ones. (Uh-oh. I think you’ve just given me a lightbulb…)

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