In the Zone

Not much to say really. I’ve been nose down since Monday working hard on this book. Check out the meter! It’s climbing. I am rewriting a story from 2004…man I have learned a lot since then! I’m a lot less verbose! I wrote way too much introspection and I’m hacking and slashing and building. Slowly but surely, Xavier and Charlie are evolving into who I need them to be.


4 thoughts on “In the Zone

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    It must be the time to look back at old ms’s – cos I’ve been looking at one of mine too – one i played with between book one and book two back in 2003 and man, let’s just say the delete button has been getting a bit of a workout!!

    Hope I can pull it into shape too…

  2. This is the last one I have tucked under the bed *sigh* It is kinda fun watching the meter soar when usually it slugs. I don’t write quickly so the speed this is going is a fantasy come true for me!

  3. I’m going to tackle an ‘old’ one next for a Modern Extra so look forward to hearing about the whole process.
    Like you, I’m looking forward to seeing how my writing has changed (this is the third book I ever wrote) so I can see loads of slash and burn coming up!!

  4. Fiona, so proud of you going places with the gorgeous Xavier. I can’t wait to meet him in print (well, in person would be better). And the Melbourne weekend looks fab. Hope to treat myself to something similar towards the end of the year. Maybe I can coax you up for afternoon tea, ma cherie!

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