The Perspective of Sleep

It sucks!
Ever have that? Ever read what you’ve written and thought, ‘OMG, why on earth did I think that would work, it’s utter nonsense?’ I’m re-writing a book and in days gone by I hated cutting out anything that I had written. This week I have dumped pages. Back in 2004 I wrote medical scenes quite differently and put in a lot of stuff that wasn’t needed. Stuff that S-L-O-W-E-D down the pace.

But in and amongst all that there, there is some good writing. But recognising that can be hard. Like the other night at 10pm when I thought it all sucked. Fortunately, I went to bed before I slashed and burned. The next day after 9 hours sleep I reread it….it was fine, just need to have some sentences in a different order.

But no writing today. I have DS2’s party..think ghosts, witches and bubbling brews. Ghost frogs in the swamp (jelly and white chocolate frogs), eye balls (pizza swirls with a black olive in the middle) brains (mini marshmallows covered in chocolate) and you get the picture.
We’ve turned the garage into the ‘lab’ and we’re making Slime.

Then DH and I have theatre tickets tonight. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Perspective of Sleep

  1. I’m having that everything I write is s&*(^ lately. I’d say it was sleep, but it’s really mushy med brain. That and haven’theard from the editor nerves. 🙂

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