Talented Writers Galore

Yesterday, some wonderful writers took off the big prizes in Romance writin at the RWA National conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Here is the complete List. But here on my blog I wanted to pay tribute to the Aussie writers who were both nominated and to the two who won!

The romance writing community in Oz is pretty small and it was VERY excited to have four people nominated in the RITAS (the Oscars of Romance Writing)… Anne Gracie, Marion Lennox, Bronwyn Jamieson, and Lilian Darcy. We also had two nominations in the GOLDEN HEART (the prestigious award for unpublished writers)in the same category! Anna Campbell and Christine Diehm/Wells. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a nominee…all that nail chewing and angst, let alone sharing the nomination with fellow writers and friends.

Both Anna and Christine SOLD their manuscripts before the big night which was a thrill.

Marion Lennox won the RITA in Traditional Romance with Princess of Convenience and Christine Diehm/Wells won the Golden Heart in the short historical category with Scandal’s Daughter.

My congratulations go to all these talented women – nominees and prize holders.
In my book they’re all winners as they have been recognised for exceptional writing.


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