What a Conference!

I’m back! As you can see I’ve been missing in ‘conference’ action. Phew they are wonderful but exhausting and pile conference wonders on top of first book release and I am a walking zombie…but it’s all amazing in a great way!!!!

I kicked off the conference with a party. Champagne, Lindt ball chocolates and the biggest strawberries I have ever seen! Many thanks to Marion Lennox for the strawbs…they were amazing. Annie West, a new Presents Author showered me with stars, people gave me cards, Tender author Jennie Adams made me a mug that says “Author”…how special is that. Thanks Jen! It was a bit overwhelming.

But it didn’t stop there….Harlequin gave me the most beautiful bunch of flowers…what a shame they couldn’t come home on the plane! We had a glorious lunch overlooking the water and huge Launches.
So after a day and a half of parties we got down to the serious stuff. Debbie Macomber and Jane Porter were inspiring with their passion and belief in romance fiction. Jane made me cry…along with 200 other people.

My tutorial, Conflict:more than a misunderstanding had me losing sleep but all the technical stuff worked…the power point, the sound, the movie clips, the works! Phew! I stood at the lectern with 80+ people looking at me and gave thanks that DS2 (aged 8) had suggested I get my notes spiral bound. My hand shook so much I would have dropped them I am sure. The flip side to all the worry was the warmth of comments I received afterwards.

The awards night was a fantastic evening and it was so exciting to see Catherine Cockburn win the inaugural Emerald for Single Title. Congrats also go to Vanessa Barnveld who placed second and Alison Brideson third. Paula Roe scooped the pool with contests and Trish Morey, Aussie Presents author won the RUBY! Yay Trish!!

There were many, many highlights for me: talking writing with Annie West, listening to Anne Gracie talking on emotional punch, hearing Jane Porter’s passion for the genre, seeing the very clever and creative costumes at the cocktail party, meeting the other new authors, getting my FIRST SALE ribbon, seeing the poster of one of my covers up on the wall (only took me a day to notice it…the squeal when I did was pretty loud!), being presented with my ‘new chick’ from an older chick and being part of an author chat with fellow medical author Fiona McArthur. Oh and many many more things but I’ve gone on long enough.

So to finish off here are some photos.

The Flowers Harlequin presented to me for being a newly published author

Annie West, Presents Author on the left and me at the Harlequin Author’s Lunch.

Me next to my poster!!
And now blogger doesn’t want to load up any more so I’ll try again later.


8 thoughts on “What a Conference!

  1. Hi Fiona, Glad you got a photo of your lovely flowers – I missed seeing them in all the excitement and busy-ness of the conference. And now your baby is on the shelves, what a week!
    I’m still on a high from my Emmy win (big grin)

  2. Great photos Fiona! It all sounds so exciting.
    Pregnant on Arrival is making its way to the top of my tbr pile… I’m really looking forward to reading it.
    Sue 🙂

  3. Hey, Fiona, you deserved those stars! To have your first book on the shelves this month (and have several more scheduled for release) is just FANTASTIC. Congratulations again.

    You’re right – it was a great conference. So many inspiring speakers, so many enthusiastic writers, such great celebrations… I’ve just realised I don’t have a photo of you in your fabulous fifties outfit from the Golden Years of Hollywood Cocktail Party. What a shame.

    Enjoy the high that your first book brings.


  4. Hi Fiona,
    So glad you had a great time. And what gorgeous flowers – at least you thought to take photos 🙂 I heard your workshop was fabulous (like I didn’t know it would be!! Oh yeah, told ya so!) Mega congrats on having your book out onshelf! Everyone out there – buy it and read it. It’s definitely a *can’t put it down* read. LOVED IT!!

  5. Fiona, It was a *fabulous* conference, and one of the big highlights for me was your brilliant workshop. (I’m not alone on that one, lol. Congratulations on your first book release in Australia=) I’ve slipped your message into the front my copy. Would you believe, after all the searching, I’d already packed it?!?

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