Blogger seems to be loading photos again so for those of you who missed my Launch Party, here goes..
These balloons sing ‘Celebrate good times! Come on!’ My boys love it!

How did I look so calm 10 minutes before 40 people arrived?

Boooks on the shelf!

Lots of Yummy food!

Ack! Blogger has stopped again. I so want to show you all my flowers…I got roses and lillies and tulips and orchids:-) I almost ran out of vases! What a wonderful situation to be in. My friends and family have been amazingly generous with their supportive enthusiasm for my book. I recommend everyone have a launch party, it’s too much fun!


2 thoughts on “PARTY PARTY PARTY!

  1. LOVE the singing balloons 🙂 Hope you’re still on high from all that partying – you’ve worked hard and deserve it.

  2. Sounds as if you had a fab party. And SINGING BALLOONS? Only you! :o)

    Glad you had such a good time. As Serena said, you deserve it.

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