The Fun of Promotion

Taking a quick break from the travelogue

My local library corporation asked me to give a talk about writing for Adult Learner’s Week.
The co-ordinator did a fabulous poster for me which went up in about 10 libraries across the network and 18 women attended.

What a blast I had! I built the talk around my journey to publication…having taken a decade means a good yarn 🙂 and I also talked about what to do if you have a story in your head that must be told.

I sprinkled in the harlequin stats along the way. I know you’ve probably all seen these stats but they are always worth revisiting. Armed with numbers like these you can always have a gob-smacking rebuttal for any romance knockers.

  • In 2004, Harlequin sold over 160 million books worldwide
  • Sold in 100 international markets, translated into 23 languages
  • More than 50 million women read Harlequin books globally
  • Harlequin is the world’s premier publisher of popular/romantic fiction for women
    Every 15 seconds someone in Australia buys a Harlequin book…wouldn’t you like to be published with a company that does THAT?
  • If you set out to read all of the Harlequin books sold over the past 10 years, and averaged about two hours per book, you would be reading for the next quarter of a million years.
  • To date, Harlequin has sold more than 4 billion books since 1949 and looks forward to writing many more chapters in a remarkable publishing story.

I was absolutely thrilled when so many people wanted to ask questions and the hour just flew. And here I was worrying how I would fill in an entire hour!

I hope they invite me again:-)


3 thoughts on “The Fun of Promotion

  1. What is so great about your success is how well earned it is. I have loved sharing your journey with you and reading snippets of early manuscripts in caravan parks on cold nights with our boys. Can’t wait for the next book!

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