A book in the hand

Today I rocked down to my local Kmart with my camera in my hand. My second book, The Nurse’s Longed-For Family’ was on the shelf and as exciting as that is, it was even more exciting to know that TWO debut books by friends of mine were also on the shelf and a debut line, Sexy Sensation, with Medical Author Kate Hardy writing one of the launch books

Lynne Marshall’s “Her Baby’s Secret Father” had the most gorgeous cover and was snuggled up next to my book. Lynne lives in the US so she hasn’t been able to see her book on shelf so I took a photo for her. I can’t wait to read my copy of her book..what a shame she can’t autograph it for me.

Kelly Hunter‘s debut book WIFE FORA WEEK has finally arrived in Australia as part of the new line called Sexy Sensation. This book got rave reviews earlier in the year when it hit the shelves in the UK. By all accounts it is a rollicking good, laugh-outloud read so again, can’t wait to delve into its pages.

Kate’s book, The Cinderella Project is a must read…caught that one when I was lucky enough to be lent a UK copy.

So many good books to read in “Readtober”


3 thoughts on “A book in the hand

  1. Woohoo! It’s here, it’s finally here!!! Alas, it’s not on the shelves in my hometown yet. I have to wait til tomorrow for that. Is it bedtime yet? Feels like bedtime…
    Thanks, Fiona, for taking the time to take a photo.

  2. Thanks from me, too! It’s so EXCITING to see my book on the shelves on what would be a 24-hour flight from me… Woohoo! (Waves to Kelly, too)

  3. You’re both so very welcome. DS and I had the best time snapping photos and doing a bit of shelf shuffling as well as walking out the door with some great reading!

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