Collaging…impetus for ideas

For the last few months there has been a lot of talk about collaging as a technique for getting the creative juices flowing. I have always had random pictures up in front of my computer but after hearing Barbara Hannay talk about collaging I decided to give it a whirl for this book. I am not sure yet if it is really working for me but I sure enjoy looking at it! Although, please superimpose Keanu Reeves onto the head of the guy in the picture…I have a HUGE picture of him next to the collage.

So here it is? can anyone tell me what the story is about ?


One thought on “Collaging…impetus for ideas

  1. That’s a great collage, Fiona. And I agree, Keanu goes better than the model you’ve got. I think it’s about a woman who wants to adopt a Vietnamese orphan. Not quite sure how the hero fits in – he looks like an action type! Perhaps he’s the child’s father like in Miss Saigon?

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