Melbourne Romance Writers’ Guild

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the monthly meeting of the Melbourne Romance Writers’ Guild…the MRWG and hear Harlequin Mills and Boon Presents Author, Trish Morey Speak. Her topic was “Great Beginnings, Big Bang Endings & High Stakes in Between.” She was totally fab and I want to share some great lines.

The first one I fell in love with was “Tools not Rules.” How great is that? I needed to hear that eight years ago before I tied myself inside out taking on every “rule” in the writing book.

The second line I loved was “the external conflict forces them together, the internal conflict forces them apart.” I knew that but I love the pithy and succinct line.

And her final quote that caught me in the chest was in regard to emotion. It is attributed to Robyn Donald, multipublished HMB Presents author. “Keep it simple, and go deep.”

So thanks Trish for a great workshop!


4 thoughts on “Melbourne Romance Writers’ Guild

  1. Sounds like a great workshop! By the way, your e-mail address is bouncing. My reply to your message wouldn’t go through. I’ll keep trying!

  2. Thanks Fiona!

    I’m glad you found it worthwhile. I had so much fun at the workshop and it was so good to catch up with so many writers face to face.

    And afterwards a few of us went to a little cafe and I had the most gorgeous hot hazelnut chocolate and I swear I’m going to find another reason to come back soon:-))

  3. Wasn’t Trish’s workshop great?! (Hi Trish) I figure if I walk away with one lightbulb moment it’s a great workshop – but we all walked away with several. Thanks for reinforcing this, Fiona 🙂

  4. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for posting about Trish’s workshop. Since I was unable to attend I was eager to hear about it. Love the quote about conflict – it just hits the spot.


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