A Juggling week where the balls are scattering everywhere

As well as writing Medical Romance I have another paid job, a partner and a couple of kids. Things truck along smoothly when I hibernate in my cave and the juggling doesn’t seem so hard.. But suddenly you get a week where every thing happens at once.

This week has been one of those weeks.
Lovely things have happened but all of them have derailed my writing. Monday was the fabulous lunch with Melbourne with a group of Romance Writers.

Tuesday, was Tuesday. It is always my day off as I play tennis to keep fit. That is fine but it isn’t as easy to deal with when Monday has been a day off too.

Wednesday, well, the kids had curriculum day. We went horse riding…tough I know but no writing again, although I did get line edits done so chapters one to four are polished.

So today…why am I blogging? I should be nose down and tail up. Off now to tackle chapter five. I just KNOW my copy edits for The French Doctor’s Midwife Bride will slide under my door just as I get into this book.

I am not a fast writer and the deadline clock has just started to tick very loudly in my head.

But as I get this sense of panic I need to stop and give thanks. I got to do fun things this week while families I know are struggling with grief and loss. So please remind me of that if I get too whingey and self indulgent.


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