Here in southern Victoria we are facing what the media is calling a ‘1000 year drought.’ Not sure if this is just hype but I do know that everywhere I go, the paddocks and nature strips look like they have endured a scorching summer and its still spring!! After the driest October on record we are on stage 3 water restrictions with stage four about to start and it’s not even summer!!

We’ve catching water in the shower, we’re bucketing out the bath to try and keep the garden alive. Even our drought resistant grass is struggling. As I look at my garden the roses are defying the lack of water and blooming beautifully while everything around them wilts. Can I save the other plants? I’m not sure but my heart goes out to the farmers and the people whose jobs involve water…gardeners, pool installers, car wash companies…. the list goes on.

Water is a precious resource. Please value it.


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