Horse Riding in the High Country

Today, I’m blogging over at Nalini Singh’s Blog Party. It’s the first time I have been involved in a blog party. Thanks, Nalini! Thanks also for putting up with all my dumb questions!!
The theme is Christmas Come Early. My “Christmas Come Early” this year was a horse ride in the high country which I have blogged about at Nalini’s place. So I thought I would post the photos here so you can see what I was describing.

Ever seen the Man From Snowy River when Jim and Jessica love gallop across the top of a ridge surrounded by rippling, blue mountains? Well, I did that. Not actually gallop but I trotted 🙂

So why did I want to do a horse ride in the high country? Because this time last year I was researching for my December release,

HER MIRACLE BABY. Set in the high country, Will and Meg take a horse ride in winter in the snow. By the time I had talked to the horsemen of the high country and written Will and Meg’s ride, I desperately wanted to go myself!

I think these photos show you why! We didn’t have snow BUT there was some snow on the highpeaks. It was a sensational day shared with my boys big and small and with a good friend and her daughter. I’d recommend it! Oh, and the saddles were FANTASTIC so I could walk the next day:-)


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