A Debut Novel!

My good friend and fellow Harlequin Mills and Boon Author, Annie West sees her debut novel hit the Australian shelves today! Congratulations, Annie! It is SUCH an exciting time and there is nothing more wonderful than seeing%our book on the shelf in a shop. It makes it all seem real.

I am halfway through A MISTRESS FOR THE TAKING and based on the first half I am telling you all it is a MUST READ story. Mark Annie West down in your file of ‘authors to chase’. Cata Romance agrees with me 🙂 and I quote…

Talented Annie West sweeps us away to the world of high finance, obsession and romance. Her characters are strong with passionate zeal for life and devotion to family and each other. A MISTRESS FOR THE TAKING captured and ensnared me in its fresh entertaining storyline, leaving me thoroughly entertained and satisfied. I whole heartedly recommend Ms West’s debut novel, A MISTRESS FOR THE TAKING.

Annie and I met in August 2005 at the%2in August 2005 at the RWA Australia conference. Both of us were feeling down and dejected over our writing. We were getting positive rejections but we couldn’t seem to nail a sale. We bonded over similar experiences. A month later I sold and Annie sold her first novel three months after me in December of 2005. We have been ‘newbies’ together. It is really special to have someone to squeal with, to be confused with, as we both negoiate the long list of ‘firsts’ that come in the 12 months after the sale. And come mid December we will be shelf buddies for a couple of weeks when Her Miracle Baby hits the shelf. Here is a snap of our two books snuggled up together. I get a buzz out of seeing that.

So here’s to Annie! Cheers and Congratulations!

(This post is exempt from the exclamation point police as all debut book posts should be!!!!!!!:-)))))))


3 thoughts on “A Debut Novel!

  1. Hey, Fiona, how exciting!!! (I take you at your word that there are no punctuation police around).

    I’m looking forward to heading to the shops today to see the book ON SALE. Waking this morning to find your blog has been a perfect start to the day, especially since I know you’re enjoying the book (thank goodness). And the fact that we’re doing a double act, both having books out this month, is even better.

    That conference where we met seems such a long time ago, doesn’t it? So much has happened since.


  2. Congratulations to both Annie and Fiona for all your success. I’ve read both your first books and they’re FANTASTIC!! Annie, how exciting finally to be able to see your baby on the shelves. I hope you’re going to take lots of photos to share the moments with your fans, among whom I definitely count myself. Wow! This is so exciting!!

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